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Our Mission

Our charity is a collective of amazing people striving to build a better future for children

Hope Meets Art is an action of Notre Dame de France, which means we are part of Notre Dame de France Charity.

Hope Meets Art was founded in 2011. Its purpose was, and still is, to raise funds to support two main projects in Dakar, Senegal:

  • Social and family reintegration for street children,
  • Providing girls with life-saving education including learning how to write and read/sewing and cooking skills.
To fulfil our purpose, our charity decided to involve children from more affluent countries, mostly from Europe, in order to open their hearts to the lives of less favoured children elsewhere in the world. They would contribute to the fund raising and possibly gain, based on their achievements, a Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

Street Children

Nazareth Centre

Supporting social and family reintegration for street children.

Education for girls

Saint Joseph Centre

Teaching life-saving skills to support economic empowerment

Sharing our action


Involving other children from different places an cultures in our action.

Our Action

Until now, we have created unique fashion collections for children, and we have auctioned them off during catwalks

Our name, Hope Meets Art, comes from our purpose of using Art, mainly though bespoke fashion collections for children, to raise funds for other children. All our collections were unique, designed and created especially for Hope Meets Art.

Spring Collection 2011

Spring Collection and Theatre Play 2016

Winter Collection 2011

Spring Collection 2017

Spring Collection 2015

Spring Collection 2018

Where in Africa?

Dakar, Senegal

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